New Fagstein personal blog

Some people have been telling me I haven’t done enough personal blogging here and they don’t know anything about me. It’s true, I tend to keep personal matters to myself. But that changes today with the launch of my new personal blog: “Fagstein ME!

You’ll find all my personal thoughts and anecdotes there from now on.

UPDATE: I see I was outdone.

11 thoughts on “New Fagstein personal blog

  1. Christelle

    haha! i really hope this is your april’s fool prank.. :P because wow.. that new website.. it’s quite somehting! :D

  2. Edna

    Let’s recap, shall we?

    Popped cherries. “Sweet ladies wearing almost nothing.” Bleu Nuit. SUNshine
    Girls. A tunnel … exposed.

    What’s on your mind, Fagstein?

    (Also, there are sparkles burned into my eyes. Cruel.)

  3. Caroline

    If only all of today’s posts wouldn’t have been exactly half an hour apart, them maybe some people would have bit straight into them, but Oh well!

  4. Jason

    I’ve seen the text of at least 50% of those posts in the real world. Probably close to 75% of them, actually. God have mercy on our souls.


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