Rue Frontenac begins accepting freelancers

Rue Frontenac, the online publication put out by 253 locked-out employees of the Journal de Montréal, has been looking at journalism students and others to freelance in order to supplement its coverage and give employees more time to spend on the picket lines as the weather gets warmer.

In addition to Martin Brodeur, who moved his column from the Journal de Montréal in solidarity with unionized workers, the website says it is prepared to offer competitive (though not necessarily better) rates to freelancers than would the Journal. They add, though, that there is no risk of copy being repurposed in other publications with Rue Frontenac as it is with Quebecor publications.

So far Journal stars like Richard Martineau have refused to move over, saying they wouldn’t be allowed back once the conflict was over if they abandoned the Journal now. Others, however, say they have to spend more time reflecting on what they want to do.

In the meantime, French-speaking journalism students who wish to freelance for Rue Frontenac should send pitches to the managing editor.

One thought on “Rue Frontenac begins accepting freelancers

  1. BruB

    Is it sad that I find a lot better and well written compared to Journal de Montréal?

    I hope they stay on strike for a long time, sorry guys!


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