RTL adds service to St. Bruno

RTL bus

The Réseau de transport de Longueuil, which handles public transit in Longueuil and its merged and demerged suburbs, is making a big effort to add service in a new schedule which began on Monday, especially in St. Bruno, which it had served with a handful of bus and collective taxi lines through an agreement with Veolia Transport. The contract (which the RTL points out predates its own existence) expired on Sunday, and the RTL is taking over service directly.

Among the additions, some of which are outlined in the press release:

  • 55: One new departure in the afternoon rush hour
  • 73: Two new departures in the afternoon rush hour
  • 80: Two new departures in the afternoon rush hour
  • 98: This route, which had previously only served St. Bruno locally, has been extended to Terminus Longueuil (but only during rush hours). A section on Grand Boulevard has been cut from its route, and will be served instead by the T99 taxi service.
  • T-20: Two new departures in the morning rush hour
  • T-89: Service extended to Saturday and Sunday rush hours
  • Other service improvements have been made on routes 20, 47, 91, 92, 99, 132, 192, T-23, and T-99
  • Other changes have been made to schedules on routes 10, 14, 15, 21, 30, 31, 34, 37, 38, 42, 44, 48, 49, 54, 73, 78, 85, 115, 132 and 142
  • Two lines, 93 and T94, have been removed from service. They both served St. Bruno and are being replaced with added service to other lines

One thought on “RTL adds service to St. Bruno

  1. Tim

    For a headline mentioning St-Bruno, there’s not a lot of Montarvillois content. Most of the lines mentioned as being “improved” are well outside of the city’s boundaries:

    55: Terminus Centre Ville (TCV, under 1000 de la Gauchetière) to St-Lambert
    73: Long-UdS to the middle of Vieux-Longueuil
    80: Long-UdS to Boucherville
    T-20: St-Hubert
    T-89: Boucherville
    20: Vieux-Longueuil
    47: TCV to Brossard
    132: TCV to St-Hubert
    T-23: Vieux-Longueuil

    The lines 91, 92, 98, 99, and T-99 do service St-Bruno, and the amount being invested in St-Bruno service ($314 994) mentioned in the press release does sound impressive. But I wonder how much of that has to do with the takeover (for example, to replace the Veolia buses with RTL buses). Especially so given that they say they’re cutting two bus lines in the same city.

    Is the RTL trying to make cuts look good?


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