Let’s hear from youthy people

The City of Montreal is holding hearings about youth participation in the democratic process, and it wants to hear from young people. It’s not really clear what it wants to hear from young people exactly, but it has something to do with “their capacity to influence the development of their neighbourhood, their involvement in collective actions, and their interest in municipal affairs.”

Being a soulless pit of bureaucracy, it issued a public notice (in PDF format, because young people want to print out everything they read online) inviting people to open forums where all questions have to be pre-approved 30 minutes before the meeting. Those wanting more information can see this page, deep within the city’s vast website (it took me a while to find it even though I knew what I was looking for), which has a bunch of other PDF documents.

I’m just going to go ahead and predict that young people aren’t going to flock to this meeting in large numbers.

For those who do want to go, the first meeting is April 20, 7pm at Verdun city hall (4555 Verdun St., right outside Verdun metro).

1 thoughts on “Let’s hear from youthy people

  1. Nathalie

    Tremblay is no OBAMA. Let it go and come up with your own ideas (if you have any ?) . This city is falling apart at the seams (literally) and we need a new administration that can bring us back to the forefront on the world stage. If not, Montreal is sadly going to lose most of its lustre.


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