6 thoughts on “Titre accepté, merci

  1. dan

    these are pretty funny. i especially like the one about opening the bag of chips. i remember when i first moved to montreal i loved taking the metro and bus everywhere. five years later, it’s a chore.

  2. newurbanshapes

    Not really all that funny, it just looks like the sort of anti-public service discourse they put in ads and things to get us to buy cars. “WET DOG SMELL” (Jacobs 2004:188). Radical.

    If he wants faster buses, tell him to ask the Charest government not to waste its millions forcing expressways on Montreal (oh and spending the equalization money on Tax cuts). But I guess that way he couldn’t brow-beat Quebecers and get cred with his other McGill buddies.

  3. Dumitru Erhan

    Looks like they were inspired by the countless “best of craigslist” posts on what “nuisance” public transportation users are. Except these are less funny:)


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