Q92 to relaunch Tuesday


CFQR, aka Q92, is planning a super-secret “all new” relaunch on Tuesday morning at 8:45am.

The station isn’t letting out any information about what exactly will be “all new” – Brian DePoe, who was just hired as program director from Astral’s EZ-Rock station in Toronto, told listeners the station will be offering “more music and more variety” but also more “fun things.”

So expect a new logo, some new gimmicks, but very little in terms of radical change to the way commercial radio is done in Montreal. This won’t even be as big as the Mix 96/Virgin overhaul.

21 thoughts on “Q92 to relaunch Tuesday

  1. Andre

    Does it mean that they will finally stop airing that annoying old commercial that’s been playing at the Guzzo for the past 10 years?

  2. Marc

    The best thing they can do right now is to get rid of John Tesh. Aside from that, there hasn’t been much change since 1991 when they started using the Q92 moniker. Actually, the last “big” change came in the mid-80s when they switched from “relaxing” music to mainstream AC. What I suspect they may do is lean it towards a rhythmic AC format – kind of like an English version of CFGL 105.7 Rythme FM.

  3. Marc

    Rumor has it that the following will be unemployed come Tuesday: Tasso, Leta Polson, Ron MacKinnon, Sonia Benezra, Judy Croon, Jeremy Zafran (also being cut from 940). And possibly the worst move of all, they’re canning Marc “Mais Oui” Denis from 940 – very bad move!

  4. silhouette

    Marc “Mais Oui” Denis is (IMO) the most annoying radio host in the history of radio. Only if you hate mornings like me. He’s always jolly and in too good of a mood.

  5. Fred Arshoff

    I like Tammy show a lot. I also feel its fairer to Donna rather then have a split shift and have to gobble her lunch down in 1 hour,

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Well now she has no lunch break. But this is a music station. It’s easy enough to string together a half-dozen songs so you can take a half-hour off.

  6. Fred Arshoff

    I also like the string of 10 in a row as well. Its nice to have music without talk.

    Any news on Marc at 940?

  7. Fred Arshoff

    I think 940 just made their biggest mistake letting him go, He knew his music a lot more then they have, brought in his own music that no has. Answered emails promptly,
    I admit Chrstine is good but she isn’t Marc.

    Is Jerimy also gone like was suggested?

  8. Fred Arshoff

    I also really liked when Marc gave the birthdays on air it gave me ideals for a music group I have on the net,
    Also with the contest he did on air something I liked as well, Chrstine does that off air, I guess they just lost a listner

  9. Fred Arshoff

    Where the numbers that bad, or just trying to save $ and be profitable.
    Ithink by changing like they do, it will reduce listners you have to have continality to keep listners not change every other month so it seems.
    I feel 940 bigest problem is upper mangement not the on air people,

  10. Marc

    Upper mgmt. is the problem with many of these huge media co’s. They’ll do anything they can to save a buck or two.

  11. saed

    looks like the q 92.5 could use a bit more rythemic type of ac format from my experience. Even though it’s a bit stuffy and whimsicle it beats the quebecois radio stations full of frogs any day no question that virgin 96 formally mix 96 will always be cutting edge with American Top 40 with Seacrest as the institution.

  12. Fred Arshoff

    One thing I find they are doing wrong with the changes they made is not have all of them on ir the 1st month of their respected shifts to get people used to it. like Sussane on vacsation this week, Leta doing a remote and having Tammy sit in for her, I admit remotes bring in the dollars but you have to let the audienance hear the new product as well, ands lets be honest Leta has a lot more experience in playing music then Tammy,

  13. shaddy

    man I was kinda pissed when they dropped the club music that use to play every Saturday night back in the 1990s and now there goes American Top 10 featuring Casey Kasem.


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