My 10 seconds of kinda-fame

Last month I got a visit from Concordia journalism student and real-media freelancer Dominique Jarry-Shore, who wanted to interview me for a TV piece on the future of the media.

The interview (which wasn’t very long) mostly ended up on the editing room floor, leaving a 10-second sound bite and some B-roll. (I don’t feel too bad, The Monitor’s Toula Foscolos got six seconds.) The entire 22-minute news broadcast is here, but you can skip to 7:30 to see just her report, or 8:52 if you just want to see me.

The piece is preceded by another interviewing CBC’s Geeta Nadkarni (and more importantly, her cats) about the corporation’s cuts. She blames the government for not supporting private broadcasting enough.

If you haven’t seen the TV shows produced by Concordia’s journalism department, they’re worth a look. You can see a food-themed show or one centred around a Mythbusters parody.

Not the slickest productions (certainly better than it was in my day), but the stories are real, and in many cases you won’t find them anywhere else.

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