Montreal Geography Trivia No. 32

For those wondering, I’ve updated last week’s question with its answer. This one should be a bit easier for you Google Maps cheaters:

Montreal Geography Trivia No. 32

What is this street?

UPDATE: This one was solved in minutes by Tim below. It is, indeed, Thimens Blvd. in St. Laurent, looking north from Poirier to where the street develops a huge median for no apparent reason. Other than high-tension power lines, this stretch of land spanning five long blocks serves no purpose.

The image is taken from this video, one of many that chronicles the view from a window of a plane landing at Trudeau Airport.

2 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 32

  1. Tim

    Ahh, memories of the 225 bus…

    This, my dear friend, is Boulevard Thimens, seen here from the corner of Boulevard Poirier. Also visible in this image, Rues Steinberg (centre) and Guénette (right) and Dorbin (top).

    Cf. Google Maps; Live Maps.

    (If I’m not first, I’m sure I’m the most thorough.) =¬)


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