Booty it and they will come

Anne-Marie Losique held a party to celebrate the CRTC granting (last month) a license for an adult-oriented specialty channel that will launch next year.

Actually, it was a press conference to promote Pole Position, a pay-per-view reality show in which young women compete to see who is the best exotic dancer.

Needless to say, the media came. Rue Frontenac was there. (Great photos, somewhat sarcastic story) Metro was there. And 33mag. And 7 Jours. Le Soleil’s Richard Therrien came down from Quebec City. La Presse had (critical) columns from Nathalie Petrowski and Hugo Dumas. Cyberpresse was there with video.

One thought on “Booty it and they will come

  1. Frank

    The woman can easily hold the title of QC’s ultimate bimbo but the fact remains, she’s a business woman that seems to be doing quite well eventhough her “product” is looked down upon by the french intelligentsia. Last Sunday’s TLMP demonstrated this well, especially by the ever-so-lame Dany “Le Fou de Quoi (sic)” Turcotte who took gratuitous slams in her direction. Thus I’m not surprised that RF went with holier-than-thou sarcasm.


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