Montreal’s got talent for taking money from naive kids

A business operating under the name Talent Search America (auto-play video warning) has been fined $11,260 by the Office de la protection du consommateur for failing to register with them.

Talent Search America (an odd name since it’s based in Montreal), formed by former CJAD loud-mouth Ricky Cyr, has a somewhat dubious reputation of asking people for hundreds of dollars and offering little in return (do you recognize any of these people?). Talent agencies that ask for money up front have been accused of acting nefariously and investigated by consumer protection offices.

But this fine was for an essentially bureaucratic error. The office is not saying that TSA has swindled any of its clients, though it has received complaints.

The OPC requires companies doing business like this to get a permit which also requires a deposit. The deposit is used to pay clients in case the company goes bankrupt or otherwise swindles customers out of their hard-earned cash.

One thought on “Montreal’s got talent for taking money from naive kids

  1. Jon Simmons

    I am a talent scout and manager from California and I found a wonderful young actor at Ricky Cyr’s Talent Search America convention. The young man is working now in Hollywood and just finished his first movie. These conventions are not for everyone, but Ricky is a wonderful man who believes in talent as I do. I think you should do a little research before you post stuff you cannot back up.

    Jon Simmons
    Simmons and Scott Entertainment


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