Montreal Geography Trivia No. 33

Montreal Geography Trivia No. 33

This location is significant, but only if you prefer Google over Microsoft or AOL.


UPDATE (1:28pm): Quite a few of you got this one dead on, but Zain was the winner.

Welcome to Montreal

Welcome to Montreal

This is indeed the corner of St. Denis and Crémazie (or perhaps more accurately southbound Berri and westbound Crémazie), which according to Google Maps is the centre of Montreal.

AOL’s MapQuest places the centre on Berri St just above the Ville-Marie expressway (though, strangely, if you set Montreal as your default location, it centres it instead on Remembrance Road near Beaver Lake).

Microsoft’s Live Search Maps also uses Berri and the Ville-Marie, as does Yahoo! Maps.

10 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 33

  1. Guillaume

    It seems to be the Saint-Denis/Berri triangle near Crémazie W, looking north-east.

    As for the question of it being significant… I have no idea.

  2. Amir

    c’est le coin St-Denis/Berri/40 regardant vers le sud (l’est géographique mais le sud cartograhique montréalais)
    C’est le “point” où Montreal pointe quand on en fait la recherche, il y a plein de photos géo-tagger sur ce point aussi

  3. Frank

    Looks like St-Denis & the Metropolitain. I was driving behind one of those vehicles up the Main this morning. So I guess I’ll be famous.


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