Nuns’ Island allergic to children, fun

Having children running around would just ruin this image.

Having children running around would just ruin this image.

Nuns’ Island residents, apparently feeling that their reputation as snobs wasn’t cartoonishly cliché enough, have declared opposition to the sound of children playing in a public park. They want the park to be made less fun so that the children won’t be so tempted to make children-fun noises and disturb all the condo construction going on.

Oh, but they say, they don’t want to close the park next to their high-rise apartment building, they just want the water shut off to save the environment!

To them I’ll point out that this picture was taken on the same street as that park.

Nuns' Island SUVs

Notice the SUV parade?

Thankfully there’s no shortage of others also ready to point out the hypocrisy and stupidity of the argument, and those include Verdun mayor Claude Trudel, who rebuffed the petition.

6 thoughts on “Nuns’ Island allergic to children, fun

  1. SMS

    Nun’s Island could sink into the St Lawrence and no one would give a damn on the Montreal side.

    We went with 60-013 on Sunday to Pointe-Nord (480 terminus). There was a fair amount of volume going through the Bell Campus!

  2. Vahan

    You know those S.U.V driving snobs will one day be pooping in their own diapers and no one will be around to look after them. Any way why should children be outside enjoying the fresh air, do their parent’s not have DVD players in the cars? Once the streets are fully cleared of the rug rats the cars could now zoom past stop signs and ignore speed limits without the possibility of harming an infant. IDIOTS!

  3. Eric Gagne

    When we decided to come back from Argentina to Montreal with our daughter, we were a little bit worried because we knew that:

    En Argentine, les enfants sont sacrés. À Montréal, ils font sacrer.

    But, things are geting better on Le Plateau, compared with a few years ago, when you have children. Apparently, it is not the case everywhere.

  4. Rob

    Those people complaining are some lonely old farts living in one of the “Sommets” high-rise. Because they didn’t take the time to have kids of their own, they probably hate everyone else who has kids. Thank god the mayor has more common sense than they do and rejected the absurd petition.

    now… for those of you who said IDS should sink into the St-Lawrence… just because some idiots are irrecuperable snobs doesn’t mean that every resident of IDS is like that. I don’t live on IDS because i’m a snob, it’s just that i chose to raise my kid in a neighborhood where there are more parcs and less traffic, less noise, less litter on the sidewalks, less weirdos loitering at every street corner or spraying their name in graffiti on every wall, less chance of getting attacked/robbed/shot/etc if you walk down the street at night… like in some parts of town that look more like Mordor than burrows of a civilized city.


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