Remember kids, sexism is wrong

Some more selections from the Quebec advertising archives from Johnnys96 and ladyjaye27:

While sexism may be bad, cultural stereotypes will live on forever.

Who knew Ricardo Montalban spoke so well in French? (KHAAAAN!)

This TurboGrafx16 is the future. Within a year everyone will have one! Even francophones who don’t mind playing on an English-only system.

A condensed, 30-second version of Il fait beau dans l’métro.

Still a pretty good argument for taking public transit in winter.

A feel-good-about-Montreal video, centred on a pre-Nagano MSO. Also see two videos which were part of the mid-90s “Montréal, c’est toi ma ville” campaign.

Who knew televised bowling was so exciting? I guess in the era before Habs games, RDS had to find some way of attracting viewer interest.

Claude Meunier’s Van Halen impression, and a chance to win a dancing Pepsi can!

Ladies and gentlemen, Patrice L’Écuyer.

A RadCan promo for the 1993 NHL playoffs, with the kind of graphic finesse you find in YouTube hockey compilations today. I know the Habs are underdogs, but I have a good feeling…

Not so great feeling about Montreal’s other major-league team.

TQS really should go back to a squirrels-and-children motif.

If you don’t remember Macha’s Pharmaprix commercials (in either language), you must have been comatose in the 90s. Here’s another. And another. And another. And another.

If you don’t remember Jojo, you’ve suppressed the memory.

And if you don’t remember Bleu Nuit, you’re lying, you pervert.

Super Mercado! YAY!

Misez juste, sadly, did not last long. Perhaps it’s time for a comeback?

Speaking of show formats that can’t possibly fail…

Vote Johnson ’94! (Honestly, I had no clue any of these people besides Pierre Marsan were once in the provincial Liberal party.)

Are you prepared to let this Jean Chrétien guy become prime minister of Canada by wasting your votes on this “Bloc Québécois” party? Jean Charest says no, and you can trust him. Vote Campbell ’93!

The MacBook Air totally ripped off that laptop-in-an-envelope idea.

And there’s thousands more where that came from.

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