Bill Haugland launches new book

Mobile 9

Bill Haugland, the former evening anchor of Pulse/CFCF/CTV Montreal news, is launching his new novel Mobile 9 with a signing at Paragraphe bookstore (2220 McGill College Ave.) on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

The book is about a young television reporter in Montreal in the 60s whose life suddenly becomes a lot more exciting than Haugland’s was.

3 thoughts on “Bill Haugland launches new book

  1. Homer

    a lot more exciting than haugland’s was… haha. thanks for making me spit out my morning coffee. ;-)

  2. Terry McConnell

    I have known Bill Haugland since 1963 when we worked in the CJAD Newsroom to-gether. He is a very gentle spirit of great persona integrity. We last worked to-gether at CFCF Radio / TV. He hadn’t changed in the fifteen years that passed. Now, 46 years since our first meeting he still commands the same respect.

    I wish him all success with his first book. I’m sure there will be others.

    Terry McConnell
    Member “Half Century Club
    Canadian Assoication of Broadcasters.

  3. Sandra Beattie-Stevens

    I have a question for Bill Haugland & Terry McConnell- Do either of you know who might have been announcing the news on CJAD at 11 P.M. on October 1, 1962 ?
    Any information would be appreciated.


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