Dear editor, it’s me again

Patrick Lagacé has some numbers from Influence Communication about letters to the editor, and which Quebecers get their letters published most often: Sylvio Le Blanc and Jeannot Vachon.

The study also shows The Gazette prints more letters to the editor than any other publication, and more than 60% more than the next-largest, Le Soleil. The paper prints a handful of letters every day, and last year redesigned its opinion section to give more space to letters (and less space to editorials).

UPDATE: Lagacé has a response from Vachon.

5 thoughts on “Dear editor, it’s me again

  1. James Lawlor

    Hello Fagstien:

    I try to be an involved citizen in the goings-on in our city and I have written 3 letters to the editor (so far):
    Le Devoir: 2 published out of 2 written
    La Presse: 0 published out of 1 written
    (I wrote about the excessive number of parking spaces at the new CHUM)

    It is also interesting to see the newspaper’s editing process in how your original letter is transformed. For comparison, here is the original of letter #2 that I posted on my blog:

    I have to say that it is a great thrill to see your letter published in print. More people should try it – democracy would be better served if more people took the time to write letters and get involved.

    Writing a letter is surprisingly difficult especially when you are writing in your 2nd language. I have a lot of respect for journalists and columnists who write long texts each day – its hard work!

  2. Jean Naimard

    Well ¿DUH?, you have to pay editors by the word, but not those who write letters to the editor…

  3. Karine

    I find it interesting how IC manages to get it’s name out there often, it’s probably on par with Léger Marketing’s notoriety…

  4. JulieBob

    the gazoo may publish more letters, but it’s the same gang of pathetic cranks that constantly re-appear week after week.

    If I read another letter about the sad shape of the mercier bridge road surface I’m going to scream… do these writers ever read the news section where the newspaper reveals the completely unsecret news that the bridge is actually under reconstruction?


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