8 thoughts on “Pause Kit-Kat du matin qui commence bien

  1. Raphaëlle Derome

    Notice how l’information comes in 5th!

    1) Les sports
    2) Les potins
    3) Les mots croisés, les mots cachés
    4) Le cinéma et la télé
    5) L’information la plus complète
    6) Les horoscopes et les recettes
    7) L’éditorial de Laurendeau

  2. Jean Naimard

    One doesn’t know if you should cry or bash your head on the door frame when you see this.

  3. Sébastien Mineau

    Only you Steven could find such amazing gem.

    What I find funny is that there was indeed something before Metro and 24 heures came around.

    And in reply to Raphaelle, I guess that’s what us journalists have to deal with, the information we report will most likely always come after the news that’s not as depressing.


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