Flats happen to the best of us

Flat tire

Flat tire at Union and de Maisonneuve

I was biking home the other day and stopped to take a picture of an empty BIXI station when I heard a pop coming from a few feet away. A police car had turned the corner onto de Maisonneuve Blvd. and its rear wheel went up on the curb.

Well, kinda. The pop was followed by a loud pulsating hissing sound as the car kept driving, and within seconds the tire was a write-off.

The two officers in the car were good-natured about their predicament (probably because it happened while they were on the clock and on patrol), joking with a passer-by.

Need some help with that?

Need some help with that?

They also got some good-natured ribbing from a couple of fellow officers who passed by on foot patrol.

Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work

The four officers quickly assembled the standard civil service work crew formation: One person working, and three supervising.

4 thoughts on “Flats happen to the best of us

  1. jennyb

    LOL thanks, you got first laughs today!
    Did they happen to notice the guy standing behind them with a camera, firing away?

  2. Philippe-A

    Sure is funny. But then again I don’t see how more than one persone could change a tire. Well, I guess someone could help hold the spare tire straight in place, it would make the bolt in a little bit easier.


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