Montreal Geography Trivia No. 37

Montreal Geography Trivia No. 37

Where is this, and what is that blur on the left supposed to be?

UPDATE: Tony gets the location right. It’s the Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral at René-Lévesque and de la Cathédrale. And most of you correctly guessed that it’s a film shoot with Montreal standing in for New York City.

But Tony gets the film wrong. Any guesses?

UPDATE 2: John R. gets it right below. This was from the filming of The Last Templar, an NBC miniseries that began last night. The blur is a stunt performer pretending to be Mira Sorvino on horseback chasing some bad guys out of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. The scene, which took hours to film but only lasted a few seconds, was filmed late at night last May. I stumbled on it accidentally and took some pictures.

I equally stumbled on the show last night changing channels, and sadly got to it just a bit after this scene. I’d check it out on Hulu, but I don’t have access to that. I hope it turned out well.

15 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 37

  1. Micah Lockhart

    Hello everyone,

    That shot is at the musée des beaux-arts and the blur looks like a naked man riding a horse on a very important mission with his arm extended to the front.

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  2. Jean Naimard

    Canadian Customs house on Y’Ouville at Mc-Gill, used to film something that is purporedly happenning in New-York City.

  3. Louis

    It’s the Musée des Beaux-Arts standing for the Met in some Da Vinci Code sequel, with Jesus Christ entering escorted by the police. And a crusader supervising the scene at the back.

  4. Joe Gauthier

    I’m going with The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
    But I have no idea what the spear thrusting horse rider and the man in chain mail are trying to accomplish.

  5. Tony Tanti

    Night scene from the shooting of The Phantom, probably atMarie-reine du monde cathedral, these cars were all parked around the bell center area sunday afternoon.

  6. Frank

    Looks like the building across from the Palais du Justice on Notre Dame. I’d guess the blur is an Indian on a horse being filmed for a movie set in NYC.

  7. John R

    That would be “The Last Templar” a TV mini-series.
    Mira Sorvino, on horseback, chasing after the thieves who stole something from a display of artifacts.

  8. John R

    I watched both episodes. That’s four hours I’ll never get back.
    The 5.3 / 10, given to it by the 240 people on IMDB who would admit to having watched it, is probably too generous.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      The problem is that Hotspot Shield is a proxy, which means its speed is limited. Trying to watch video with it has been an even more frustrating experience than regular TV website video watching for me.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      Unfortunately that’s another proxy-based solution. I’m not that desperate to watch Hulu, especially when pirated stuff is available a lot more easily.


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