How’s my driving?

Moving truck

I can’t begin to describe how illegal this driving is, except to note that the truck got into this position because it was trying to extricate itself from the bike path it had parked in … backwards.

6 thoughts on “How’s my driving?

  1. Jean Naimard

    Let’s turn this into a geography trivia quizz…

    (Just can’t fathom where @³£¢²@³¼²¢ is this — darn cheap suburban cities who won’t put street name plates on all corners…)

  2. Michel K

    I too would like to know where this. It’s got to be either Anjou / St-Léonard or West Island judging by the traffic lights.

  3. Michel K

    OK, I figured it out. This is the corner of Boulevard Pierrefonds and Rue Harry Worth, which is midway betwen Saint-Charles and Saint-Jean.


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