Bell TV adds CBC Montreal in HD

Bell announced today that its Bell TV satellite service (formerly Bell ExpressVu) will be adding CBMT (CBC Montreal) HD to its channel lineup as of June 10.

It is also adding high-definition versions of some other channels that have setup HD feeds within the past six months:

  • CFCN-TV (CTV Calgary)
  • CICT-TV (Global Calgary)
  • CKXT-TV (SUN TV, Toronto)
  • TV5

And Bell is adding CBOFT (Radio-Canada Ottawa) to its lineup in both standard and high-definition versions.

Those hoping they might find some room for even a highly-compressed standard-definition version of Global Quebec’s CKMI are unfortunately out of luck again.

3 thoughts on “Bell TV adds CBC Montreal in HD

  1. elohssa

    Bell is getting killed by videotron for in french HD channels, Bell does have RDI HD, Tele-Quebec HD, Mystere HD, there is no reason for that. Local affiliates in HD is NOT being competitive.

  2. Jeff Threader

    While I’m happy for local francophones in the Ottawa Gatineau area to be able to now watch a local HD channel, I’m shocked that it is the only one for the region that Bell offers. The 4th largest metro area in Canada and it only rates 1 HD french CBC channel. With the english CBC channel in HD for some time now and the local CTV affiliate also currently in HD, it drives home the lack of local programming that Bell offers. I get the proximity between the 2 major centres of Montreal and Toronto but again, 4th largest metro area in Canada. Ridiculous!


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