Conseil de quoi?

In case you didn’t notice, the Quebec Press Council is undergoing an existential crisis. Two of its leaders quit on Friday, amid disputes over whether the group that counts most reputable news media organizations (including The Gazette) as members should focus solely on dealing with complaints or act as an interest group for journalism in general.

They haven’t been quiet since leaving, printing an op-ed in Le Devoir and giving an interview to Projet J. Ex-president Raymond Corriveau and ex-VP Denis Plamondon tackle some of the council members’ demands head on, including demands that decisions be signed (they say anonymity protects journalists from reprisals from their bosses) and that those who issue complaints via the council be forced to waive their right to sue media outlets (such a thing would only discourage complaints, especially those that are valid).

UdeM journalism professor Jean-Claude Leclerc also has an analysis of the situation.

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