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MédiaMatinQuébec's final issue: August 8, 2008

MédiaMatinQuébec's final issue: August 8, 2008

The spring issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism has an article by Carolyn Morris about the labour conflict at the Journal de Québec, and the MédiaMatinQuébec free daily put out by stiking and locked-out workers 317 times over 15 months (No. 317 is shown above).

Of interest to those who have read everything I’ve written about the conflict is a bit of back story about how the paper began, including the lengths union leaders had to go through to make sure word of their project didn’t get to their employer.

Sadly, when the labour conflict ended, the website was shut down, taking all the paper’s archives with it. The Wayback Machine has managed to store some web pages, mostly from the fall of 2007, and eight PDF versions of the printed paper, including a 16-page special edition devoted entirely to the sudden death of Quebec City Mayor Andrée Boucher.

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