Cartoonist bites the (graphite) dust

The Vancouver Sun has an article about its editorial cartoonist, Roy Peterson, who has been drawing biting visual commentary for the paper for 47 years. It includes laudatory commentary from The Gazette’s Aislin.

Actually, make that former editorial cartoonist. The article doesn’t explicitly say this, but Peterson has been let go, his final cartoon killed. His freelance contract isn’t being renewed, judged to be too expensive.

Not having seen Peterson’s invoices, it’s hard to judge whether he was in fact asking for too much money, but either way it’s sad that another newspaper veteran has been forced out before his time.

1 thoughts on “Cartoonist bites the (graphite) dust

  1. Nick Charles

    What Peterson was asking for is irrelevant, as anything will be considered “too much” by this greedy corporation that only thinks of stuffing its own pockets with profits. Shame on them for letting go such a dedicated, talented artist, who was certainly worth every cent he asked for.


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