Concordia’s dollars and sense

Concordia University and the Concordia Student Union have signed an agreement which will see the eventual construction of a new $70-million building for student activities funded largely by the students themselves through mandatory per-credit fees.

Meanwhile, the CSU says it spent $200,000 on legal fees alone in the past year.

Good thing I’m not a student there anymore. I can laugh about their misfortune instead of crying at the massive waste of money.

8 thoughts on “Concordia’s dollars and sense

  1. Richard

    Um, there’s nothing in the article that explains where the building would be, and what it’s ultimate use is. Can you shed some light?

    BTW, we were at Concordia at the same time; I was even part (though admitedly a small part) of one of the lefty groups that took over the CSU, before I realzied that all they wanted to do was protest for the sake of protesting, so it’s been fun to read up on all that’s been happening and has happened. Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

    1. Fagstein Post author

      I believe the plan was to use land currently being filled by a parking lot just west of Mackay between the Second Cup and Tim Horton’s on de Maisonneuve. But that may have changed.

  2. David Pinto

    How much money is Concordia spending on the construction of that new tunnel to link the university to the Guy-Concordia metro station?

  3. Chris

    From what I remember reading, they haven’t given a specific location for the student centre for fear that the owner of the land will jack up the price if they know Concordia is interested in it. I think they had five different sites in mind but the lot you mentioned would certainly be the best (although I’ve heard that the university has shown interest in the site a few times over the year and each time, the owner hikes up the price). It would be a nice to have something built there, it would give the new Norman Bethune Square a nice sense on enclosure.

    The tunnel cost about $5 million.

  4. David Pinto

    Hmmm … I liked Steve’s answer.
    So, of course, there would be inside access from the Student Centre to Tim Horton’s at one end and Second Cup at the other.
    And, of course, access to A-Taib, which has places on both streets, for the Muslim students.

  5. R. Sonin

    I don’t know if they’re signing the actual deal, but get a losd of the “agreement on the process leading to a” student center – looks like 100 pages, easy.

    It’s nice to know that they feel they can spend $70 million in student money without consulting students about it. Prepares them for life in “real” politics. (Though, $70 million seems pretty real to me.)


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