Transcontinental wants your copyright

Following in the footsteps of TVA Publications, Transcontinental is now demanding that freelancers sign contracts that assign to the publisher all rights associated with submitted pieces (PDF).

In Transcon’s case, at least, there is still a provision for additional fees if the pieces are reused in other publications.

Like it or not, publishers (especially mega-corporation multi-media publishers) are pushing freelancing in this direction. The issue is whether freelancers will be paid more for the additional rights they’re giving up.

1 thoughts on “Transcontinental wants your copyright

  1. Scott in Montreal

    Despicable. It’s tough enough for writers already, and freelancers do not need this right now. I’ve been looking for work since January myself. What some publishers expect to pay is insultingly low; I think the advent of amateur reporting (both text and pix) is devaluing content. The explosion of blogging may be partly to blame.


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