Montreal Geography Trivia No. 42

Here’s a riddle for you.

There are two streets in Montreal that share the same name (almost, one adds the word “du”), are about 12km from each other and both lie entirely north of Gouin Blvd. (though still on the island).

Their common name evokes forestry, though isn’t the name of any individual type of tree.

What are their names?

UPDATE: Five of you got this one right: Rue Bocage in Ahuntsic and Rue Du Bocage in Pierrefonds. Though extra points for those who noticed that there are two Rues Du Pont, in Ste. Geneviève and Ahuntsic. (The first, notably, doesn’t actually lead to a bridge.)

12 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 42

  1. Homer

    Okay, so this might go down as the most useless answer to a quiz ever, but… There are two Rue Du Pont, both north of Gouin Blvd, but are 21km’s apart (if you follow Gouin between them). I don’t actually know the answer, but I figured that was interesting.

  2. Kent

    Rue Bocage near the Lachapelle Bridge and Rue Du Bocage in Pierrefonds.

    From wikipedia:
    It may refer to a small forest, a decorative element of leaves, a terrain of mixed woodland and pasture, or a type of rubble-work, comparable with the English use of ‘rustic’ in relation to garden ornamentation.

  3. Marc-O

    Rue Bocage in CartierVille
    Rue du Bocage in Pierrefonds or Roxboro (I don’t really know where one starts and the other ends)

    That wasn’t too hard.
    Enough information for anyone to just scan all the possible streets on google maps.

  4. plam

    Rue Bocage/du Bocage.

    Neat, I didn’t know there were so many streets north of Gouin. There is mostly just the Fleuve north of Gouin out east.

  5. Anny

    I believe there are also two “des Érables” streets, one in Pierrefonds near the St-Charles & boul. Pierrefonds intersection and one in Montreal east of de Lorimier street.

  6. Elaine

    If you mean Du Pont in Ste. Genevieve near the old church which is now the New French College….that road use to lead to the Old Bridge to cross to Ile Bizard. When the new bridge was built and the old one removed they kept the name of the street. It runs parallel to Jacques Bizard….west side.


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