9 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 43

  1. Zain

    I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s that spot of land just east of Papineau, above the 40, close to TOHU

  2. Maria Gatti

    Steve, would you happen to know a safe way to GET there by bicycle, from Villeray? It is terrifying crossing the 40 at Papineau, and even de Lorimier and Iberville aren’t much better.

    There is an environmental fair at TOHU every summer, with a chance to sample organic food (including cheese and beer) and buy certain things at very good prices, and other activities.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      The safest way would be via Christophe-Colomb, which has a bike path crossing the 40. Of course, you have to get to Christophe-Colomb (there’s a path at St-Zotique but nothing higher), and then to the complex (Emile-Journault is probably a good bet, but there’s no bike path on that street).

  3. Maria Gatti

    Christophe-Colomb is easy to get to – it is the same path as along Boyer, and down to Berri and the Old Port. I often take it to cycle up to the Gouin path.

    The St-Zotique “bicycle path” is a joke west of De Lorimer. Just a suggestion that cyclists and cars share the road, and a very poorly-paved road surface.

    But east from Christophe-Colomb, and crossing Papineau? I’ll try to plot it out.

    I like riding east along Villeray, but you are stuck with the poor crossings at de Lorimer or Iberville…


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