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According to a recently released data set, what Montreal agglomeration entity (Montreal borough or demerged suburb) recycles the most of its household waste? And which recycles the least?

UPDATE: According to this chart, the most recycle-friendly (on a per-capita basis) is the sparsely-populated Senneville, thanks mostly to organic waste recovery. The most unfriendly is St. Leonard.

5 thoughts on “Enviro pop quiz

  1. Dumitru Erhan

    You mean the entire borough or per capita?

    If it’s the latter, I’d say

    most: Plateau or Outremont
    least: Montreal-Nord?

    If the former… hmm, I guess it’s very much correlated with the population size :) So most: Rosemont or CDN/NDG and least: Senneville or Ile-Dorval :)

    But it could also be that in a small place like Senneville everyone recycles so their per capita rate would be pretty high.

  2. Maria Gatti

    I knew it would be a wealthy suburb, though I’d thought perhaps Côte-St-Luc.

    This is funny, as while there is no excusing St-Léonard’s poor performance, Senneville households have a far larger environmental footprint, living in huge houses with huge lawns, consuming more stuff simply because they have money (even allowing that affluent people can afford better-quality, more-durable stuff) and above all doing everything they can to keep out public transport, and pollute the rest of us commuting one in a usually-large car.

    There is everything in St-Léonard from single-family houses to apartment tower blocks, but a lot of it is duplexes with a granny flat, a much more sustainable urban form.


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