Mixed news at small Global, CTV stations

Canwest closes two, sells two, rebrands one

After putting the five conventional television stations comprising its secondary E! network (formerly CH) on the block for a “strategic review”, the results are in:

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The decisions mean the end to the E!/CH network.

CTV closes one, sells one, keeps one

Meanwhile, after Shaw backed away from buying three CTV stations for $1, there is similar mixed news at those stations:

This leaves six A-channel stations left, including CHWI and the cable-only Atlantic A network.

8 thoughts on “Mixed news at small Global, CTV stations

  1. Vahan

    Is there a Canwest station in Montreal? I sometimes see ads from Montreal on Fox when I watch my Sunday “Animation Domination”, but where are they coming from?

  2. canwestsucks

    last Wed.July 22/09, the floundering Canwest did some more layoffs which never made the headlines.
    Departments affected were in Marketing, Specialty TV & Conventional, rumors swirling that more are to come on Aug.31/09.
    all this happening while Leonards brother is buying a CFL stadium (???) & sister asking for more government money for their Human Rights museum. What have these Asper kids done to the Asper Empire?

    Sir Fagstein,
    what is the worst case scenario for Canwest?

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  4. scottwgray

    The Global buy up of CHBC seems fitting. Global National used to have an intro that flashed up all the places they cover, and it read something like: PARIS, MOSCOW, CAIRO, LONDON, KELOWNA, BERLIN….

    They clearly think highly of the little burg. Or, they just realize that every two-to-three years they can set up camp for another giant “fire” story.


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