15 thoughts on “Why am I fascinated by this ad?

  1. Kakei Chan

    Maybe because there’s nothing authentic about general Tao chicken, which is a North American style food nowhere to be found in Asia.

  2. Amanda

    Surely it couldn’t be related to the fact that General Tao’s Chicken is one of the most authentic dishes to originate from China…

  3. slutsky

    Or the fact that Tikis have as much to do with authentic Chinese food as, well, General Tao Chicken.

  4. Marc

    The ad doesn’t say “authentiki chinese”… it could mean “authentiki north american full-of-saturated-fats-but-so-yummy” food.

    1. Anonymous

      Thai Express blows. I went there once and will never go again. Once you’ve had Cusine Bangkok, you can’t be satisfied with anything else.

  5. Homer

    It’s quite possible for General Tao to be authentic General Tao. I’ve seen many variations on it, so I guess at one point there was one base recipe. Just don’t call it authentic Chinese Food. ;-) BTW, DaveID is right, authentic Chinese food (I have found some in Montreal) and it’s very difficult for the North American palette.

  6. dewolf

    General Tao chicken is known as General Tso chicken in the US. It’s gotten a lot of press from people who’ve tried to figure out exactly where it came from and why it has become one of the most typical American-Chinese dishes. Jennifer 8. Lee has a bunch of entries on it:


    Strange thing is that Montreal is the only part of Canada where I’ve encountered it. It’s completely unheard of in the West, where sweet-and-sour pork (an actual Cantonese dish) and ginger beef (invented in Calgary) take its place.

  7. Anonymous

    I was a big fan of Tiki Ming’s ads which simply said “Cuisine chinoise” — WITH the quotation marks!

  8. Marc-O

    I had the exact same reaction the first time I’ve seen this (and also some I-should-start-a-blog-to-post-this thoughts).


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