Montreal Geography Trivia No. 48

Montreal Geography Trivia No. 47

What is this an underexposed photo of?

(Note to Photoshop experts: there is no image to enhance here, so don’t even bother)


Park and Pine at night

Park and Pine at night

A couple of you got it right. It’s a photo of the Pine-Park interchange, taken from just a bit up the hill.

8 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 48

    1. Kahn

      Yeah… we need somebody with some software that can fill in the missing pixels. Horatio Caine always knows what the missing pixels look like.

  1. Vic Tucker

    Obviously it’s a view the McGill tower (1501 mcgill college) – the building in the center with the triangular top.
    The one on the left of it is the KPMG building.
    Now as to where this picture was taken from, that is harder. My bet is the Parc and Pine intersection.

  2. Jim J.

    I’m pretty certain that it’s the downtown skyline, but I’m still working out the angle. 1501 McGill College is in the center. It looks like Tour Scotia’s logo is at center-right, so if that’s the case, it couldn’t have been taken from the river. Maybe from Rutherford Park?


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