6 thoughts on “Walkman

  1. Maria Gatti

    Yes, that bbc story was great. It is amazing how much antiquated technology one sees at yard sales, in charity shops and at church bazaars and flea markets. And people buy it.

    I remember hauling a small ghetto blaster in my suitcase when I was studying in Italy in the 1980s, because I didn’t want to spend months in a room without music. I still have one, of an expensive quality when it came out, but only use it to listen to the radio in my kitchen.

  2. Jesson Daigle

    I fact I own 3 Mp3 players, a GP2X (Korean console that can play mp3 and Xivd among other things) and Nintendo DS. But I grew annoyed of their boot times and their clumsy and generally not so well thought interfaces So i bought a old used Panasonic cassette player at flea market. Kinda like this one… In fact I was scare for a sec, I thought that was me on the photo. I mean come on who still use these beside me in 2009!? I just hate the way everything is designed nowadays. Nothing looks like nothing. Everything is square clean and look pure like a sacred monolith or something. So I prefer the “soul” of my cassette player. I like the background noise that feel like a presence, the tactile feedback you receive when the tape end and that when you press play, you feel that you move the gears yourself and it start to play instantly. No boot time no wondering if your click registered and in doubt you click again then it start and stop immediately because the first click did register… And then you forget to put the “hold” and it skip 3 album away. God I mp3 players. And don’t start me on IPods! Don’t think I’m just a old nostalgic ; I’m only 20. Or that I’m a technophobic; I use a computer to make playlists from my library of music so that they match the almost exact length of my tapes. My audio cassette recorder is plugged on a last year laptop. It’s just a personal preference base on my totally subjective experience with technology.


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