Attention whore Ian Halperin takes offense to attention whore label

At a news conference the other day to promote his latest Michael Jackson gossip, “award winning journalist Ian Halperinlashed out at The Gazette for its review of his book.

He says he has no problem with negative reviews, but decries the “personal attacks” levelled against him by the reviewer. Specifically, that “Halperin has no problem with self-promotion.”

This, combined with its failure to mention the book’s place on the New York Times bestseller list, and its negative treatment of Leonard Cohen (a charge he just kind of made up), was clear evidence that The Gazette is anti-Semitic.

The review is certainly scathing, and puts the book in a really bad light. But is it really a personal attack to suggest that a celebrity gossip muckraker who starts each blog post with “IUC EXCLUSIVE” and wears ridiculous glasses is an attention whore?

I think suggesting there was anti-Semitism involved only proves the reviewer’s point that Halperin is the punchline to a bad joke.

5 thoughts on “Attention whore Ian Halperin takes offense to attention whore label

  1. jon

    I see you just cant help yourself Jean. compulsive with you this anti jewish thing… Of course if someone said something like that about your ancestry in totality – you would be might offended…

    There are things which should be said to you but that this blog doesnt permit me to say. (and out of respect to Steve I wont be impolite here).

    1. Jean Naimard

      It would seem to be that you are hopelessly mired down in that politically-correctness thing.

      You may very well refrain from saying some things, but the thing is that you are lambasting those who do is even more telling…

  2. Shawn

    … as reflexive xenophobia and intolerance seems to be yours, Jean.
    As for Halperin, yeah, I agree: the guy’s a total joke. And WTF is the deal with those shades?


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