Astral strikes again

The same month that it made major cuts at CJAD, Astral Media has done the same at its sister station CFRB in Toronto, including a husband-and-wife hosting team (sound familiar?)

Those who threatened to switch to a Corus station after the CJAD cuts, and then threatened to switch to an Astral station after the CFQR cuts, can now threaten to switch back to a Corus station, I guess.

Or you could switch to the CBC. Until they make cuts again.

UPDATE (Aug. 29): CFRB Program Director Steve Kowch has also been relieved of his duties. He will be replaced by Mike Bendixen, who leaves the program director job at CJAD.

Angie Coss is also leaving CJAD, it was announced. It’s unclear why.

4 thoughts on “Astral strikes again

  1. Vahan

    Radio? Is that like that UHF thing I have heard about? I don’t envy radio broadcasters we are a fickle bunch as listeners. In the day when we had full album covers and an LP playing on the record player we would sit for hours on end listening to the music and analyzing the artwork on the cover over and over again. The radio would also be playing all day long, and we would even “tape” songs we liked off the radio, odd huh? That was the only way we heard new songs and information about upcoming concerts. We hung on every word utter by the D.J. Now we have all these newfangled gadgets like the poddy things, the telephones without the wires and the internets. “The kids today” have probably never listened to an album (C.D) from end to end, only whatever they have ripped off onto their iPods and whatever they get off the net. With all these options who needs static radio. I could sit in front of my computer and listen to The Buzz crisp and clear all the way from the north country, or even to stations from the U.K with much more interesting patter and music. As for talk radio, honestly how many people are still home during the day to listen to the yakitty yak.

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  3. Kate

    I’m glad that Steve Kowch is gone.. Under his watch, people were coming and going and changing their time slots….I believe I even sent him an email asking him why he didn’t leave, that he was likely the cause of the discontentment at the station.
    I hope this new person will seek out the very best and bring the station back to what it always was from my listening times from the ’50’s ( pre-teen) until now…
    Some very good people left and ended up on CBC – people whose name had been associated with this station for years, e.g Sinclair etc..

    Look forward to a stronger tighter CFRB family..



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