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Mitch Melnick, the afternoon host on the Team 990, has begun his own web video show online called Melnick Underground. The first episode was filmed and posted on Saturday. Discussions include music and, of course, the Habs.

The show, which is shot at Hurley’s pub and Melnick stresses has absolutely nothing to do with the radio station, has a very “underground” feel to it (read: the sound, lighting and graphics are all awful), but it’s the content that matters, and it remains to be seen if it can gain a following.

I’m noticing a trend developing where journalists and other media personalities try going out on their own online. In some cases, like Peter Anthony Holder or Jean-Michel Vanasse, it happens after they get fired. But some who are still comfortable in their current jobs are also considering similar moves because they feel they’re not getting something from their current employer (either editorial freedom, exposure or money).

I welcome these kinds of efforts, and hope Melnick finds an audience for his show. In that light, some constructive suggestions:

  1. Your intro is 68 seconds long. Way too long. Like 63 seconds too long.
  2. We can live with the imperfect lighting, but the sound needs to be better. You got microphones on the table, just make sure you talk into them, especially when you’re at a bar with loud music playing.

Any other remarks from the peanut gallery?

4 thoughts on “Melnick Underground

  1. Horonymous

    Never ceases to amaze me the poor audio quality on many videos. More surprising since Melnick is a broadcaster. The bar pole in the shot doesn’t help either.

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  3. biggiejay

    first off i really enjoyed sports360 when it aired.the 60 minute news broadcasts being aired
    now is as dull as dishwater.i ve watched all of melnick underground podcasts and can t wait
    for future episodes.


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