Vos vrais patrons, c’est moi?

Got this flyer in the mail today. It’s from Montreal’s blue-collar union (SCFP 301), who are trying to negotiate a new contract with the city (and are staging a one-day strike on Wednesday). They try to gain public sympathy by arguing that union labour is cheaper than outsourcing, and that their salary demands of 2/2.5% per year are not extravagant.

More details from this “exclusive” La Presse piece, and some thoughts from Propos Montréal.





UPDATE (Oct. 8): Patrick Lagacé throws some cold water on the SCFP for its shady democracy as its national convention is held in Montreal.

9 thoughts on “Vos vrais patrons, c’est moi?

  1. Coward

    Total crap! The problem is accountability. When an outsourcer screws up, you always have the choice to not renegotiate the contract. You can even add wording that says you can break the contract if the job is not well done.

    Anyone know that there is usually a big penalty if certain minimum things are not done (contractually).

    What happens when you have a union? Nothing. Unless you drive a snow plower drunk, chances you will never get fired.

    And yes (although I highly doubt that) maybe unions labour is “cheaper” but what about the incredible benefits they get?

    I don’t mean to generalize but aren’t all unionized places not very competitive? (city, government workers, health care, sausage companies, etc.)

    I think that asking for a raise in this economical context clearly shows how distant these people are from the reality.

    If the city pays too much for outsourcer then that’s another issue. They need to fix their tendering process to let anyone bid, not just the “intimidating” ones.

    1. Olivier

      Accountability, yes. An outsourcer who screws up the city is held up to his responsibility and then never called back. Sure.

      Y’know Coward, I have this nice, plush bridge for sale in this up and coming neighborhood named “Brooklyn”. I think you should have a look at it. A real opportunity, I tell you.

      1. Vahan

        I have a better deal. A nice stadium and village. Hardly used, just minutes from the centre of town and all the action. A real fixer upper for the handy person. Some out of town cement swimming pools may also be thrown into the deal.

  2. Vahan

    Here is a plan cut the number of councillors overlapping each other and then cut the same percentage of city employees. Save money on the pork. Win win. Neither will be done.

  3. Joe public

    I am happy to see that the cols blues finally recognize that they work for us, the public. And at the moment I am not very impressed with the quality of service that they are offering. They better wake up and realize that times are tough for everyone. There is no such thing as a ‘guarantee’ anymore. If they cannot offer cost-effective solutions for the services that they provide, then maybe we should start seriously looking elsewhere.

    Note that this is not exclusively the union’s fault, nor does ‘privatizing’ services guarantee cost-savings. The important thing is how to get the best possible services at a cost that we can live with.


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