Montreal Geography Trivia No. 56

Another suggestion from a reader: Where in Montreal do a street (“rue”) and avenue of the same name intersect?

Bonus half-points if you want to throw in streets and crescents, streets and boulevards, streets and terrasses, etc., which are much more common.

Alexandra Avenue and Alexandra Street

Alexandra Avenue and Alexandra Street

UPDATE: I should have excluded numbered streets and avenues (too easy). The answer I (and contributor Jean Naimard) had in mind was Alexandra St. and Alexandra Ave. in Little Italy. But I’m sure you can come up with others.

15 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 56

  1. BruB

    In Roxboro where 13e avenue meets 13e Rue, where 6e avenue is crossing 6e rue and the same with 11e, 4e and so many others it’s hard to get them all.

  2. Michel K

    Boulevard Côte-Vertu and Place Côte-Vertu in Saint-Laurent.
    Rue Larivière and Place Larivière near Ontario and Frontenac (as per the Quiz a few weeks ago.)

  3. Sheldon

    I have three to throw at you

    Benny Avenue and Benny Crescent

    Woodland Avenue in Verdun & Woodland Street in Cote St. Paul. They actually run into each other as they cross the aqueduct.

    Rue Bernard and Avenue Bernard. They also run into each other as they cross Avenue du Parc.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      There are a few of these kinds of setups on the island, mostly because a street crosses into one city from another (or former cities now merged into Montreal). But the question was more about separate streets that intersect, not streets that continue under slightly different names.

  4. Maria Gatti

    Terrasse St-Denis angles down and intersects with rue St-Denis, just south of Sherbrooke (west side of the street).

    Although I’ve noticed that Beaubien and Mont-Royal change denominations, never noticed the two Alexandras, though I frequently pass by there…

    Terrasse St-Denis is definitely a seperate little street, or rather cul-de-sac.

    Another Little Italy oddity is rue Bélanger, which is NOT the western end of Bélanger west of Drolet. The western extension of the longer Bélanger is avenue Mozart.

  5. JP


    This is in Calgary, my friend gives direction and says from nose hill, right on ranchlands, then left on ranchview.
    I say to myself, that’s easy right on ranch something then left on ranch something else. There are a few street names that start with ranch and differ then by street, road, blvd, crescent, way, circle, etc.

  6. TGHQ

    Within a stone’s throw of CDN and The Boulevard, there are four Ville de Montreal streets with near-identical names, and each intersects with one of its kin: Trafalgar Avenue intersects with Trafalgar Road, and Trafalgar Place intersects with Upper Trafalgar Place (ok, the “Upper” might disqualify this second example, but it’s pretty close in my books).

  7. Matt

    My favourite is the intersection of Rue Chomedey and Boulevard De Maisonneuve — not the same name, but named after the same guy.

  8. Maria Gatti

    The most “reactionary” corner in Montréal is the intersection of avenue Alexis-Carrel and boulevard Maurice-Duplessis, in Rivière-des-Prairies. La grande noirceur!


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