Intern season is over

Fall is a sad time around the office. Not only is everyone dealing with the fact that summer is turning to fall, the days are getting colder, vacation season is over and the kids are going back to school, but it’s when the interns leave and go back to that naive hope that they might someday secure a permanent job as an investigative reporter once they graduate from journalism school.

One by one, the four reporter interns, two editor interns and one photography intern finished their final shifts and went their merry ways.

Half of them are now back in school, getting degrees in fields that might actually earn them a living. The rest were recently spotted on highways across Canada holding cardboard signs reading: “Will profile your grandmother for food”

While a large amount of the reporters’ time was spent on the night desk, obsessively checking with the police department for news and sharing inappropriate jokes with the copy editors, they also managed to write a few articles longer than 20 words. Here’s a few examples of what they churned out this summer:

Megan Martin

Terrine Friday

Andrew Halfnight

Monique Muise

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