The end of Call-TV

It’s official: the TQS disaster known as Call-TV won’t be returning to the airwaves.

The late-night infomercial, which I described as unregulated gambling when it debuted this summer, was a headache for the cash-starved network. The charges to people’s phone bills caused many complaints, and even led to a decision against it by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council on the same day they renamed the network to V. TQS-V’s response was to disown the show, which is produced out of Austria along with similar shows for other countries, mostly in Europe.

Those of you who hunger for such television can, Richard Therrien points out, still watch Play TV Canada, which airs late at night on CIII Global Toronto and CHEK Victoria. For twice the price.

4 thoughts on “The end of Call-TV

  1. Jen

    What a rip off I just called and texted and they hung up on my call – what the hell is this garbage – I hope they get caught in this.
    I new the answer and they had someone’s voice come on with the answer and only win 400 of the 2000.00 plus dollars – what a bunch of loosers this show should not be broadcasted ANYWHERE in canada and I will be calling global tv – to complain about the money I just lost trying to get someone to answer the phone without hanging up- scam artists
    and its taking Global TV down with it.

    How sad people have to be apart of this or work for htis company!


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