Projet mobilizes the Internet mob

If you notice that online polls are biased heavily toward Projet MontrĂ©al, it’s partially because that party’s supporters are young and Internet-connected, and partially because Projet MontrĂ©al is pushing its members through Twitter and Facebook to tip the scales of those polls.

Because, in the grand scheme of things, this is where a political party should be focusing its efforts.

Hey, it worked for Ron Paul and Lyndon Larouche, didn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Projet mobilizes the Internet mob

  1. Michael Forian


    Please, Steven, don’t compare LaRouche to Ron Paul!

    The LaRouche people are always outside of Chapters on Sainte-Catherine and in the Bonaventure metro station with the Obama/Hitler signs. As much as I don’t support Obama, that is NOT the way to protest his presidency.

    Ron Paul wants to “End The Fed” and bring the troops home. LaRouche wants to demonize gays and British people.



  2. Neath

    During the election in Iran last June there were 200,000 tweets an hour and 100,000 videos uploaded to YouTube. And that is in a country that many of us in North America probably think of as barely being on line. If there is ever going to be a real world revolution it has probably already started somewhere on social media.

  3. Kahn

    Are the LaRouche people the same people that used to be out with the signs about Dick Cheney and his secret underground tunnels going between the continents?


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