New deadline for Opus renewal: Nov. 15

The AMT and STM have decided to give reduced-fare Opus users a one-time grace period to renew their ID cards (probably since many of them – including my little brother – didn’t know they had to renew their cards, thinking they were good for two years).

Students now have until Nov. 15 (which I guess means they can buy their November passes but they can’t use them past that date?)

The STM says it is buying ads on Facebook to reach many of those students and remind them of this weird new policy.

15 thoughts on “New deadline for Opus renewal: Nov. 15

  1. guillaume

    woah that save the day, not that I didn’t know only that living in on the north shore, and having my cegep dropped the service of renewing on site since the opus machinery was too expensive they say, noticing the end, getting the form finding whoever have the sacred power to stamp the form and going to amt agent is kind of a quest….

    wish more amt service point were avalaible in the basse laurentide

  2. Kahn

    So my reduced fare OPUS card is good for 2 years, but my “privilege” is only good for 1 year? What the hell is this garbage?

    Way to overcomplicate something that should be fairly simple, STM.

  3. Shawn

    And did anyone notice those little posters they have up at metro stations? Seeming, to me anyway, to cheerily tell student users that one half of them would lose their reduced rate privileges?

  4. Mama Fagstein

    Little brother’s card is renewed and it only took 2 minutes. Well two minutes and $10.25 instead of $9 it would have cost at the school in September.

  5. SMS

    Wait, wait… I looked on my reduced OPUS *today* for the ability to buy a reduced Nov pass (I bought a Nov adult pass on a separate OPUS on the 20th)

    No dice! It will NOT let me buy a reduced pass. Only the adult.

    Mind you I don’t know if going to the changeur booth overrides this.

  6. TC

    As a regular visitor to Montreal, I decided to get an Opus card this month, putting 20$ worth of fares on it. I thought it would stay there pretty much forever, but this makes me think the card, and the money on it, will expire. Is this true? Is there an expiration date on the fares you purchase, and some type of annual administrative fee?

    1. Fagstein Post author

      If you have a regular Opus card, then it’s good for four years, as are the fares on it. These renewals are for reduced-fare cards (which require photo IDs).

    1. Michael J.

      Honestly, the old system worked a lot better. The only thing it helps is to reduce fraud (until someone figures out how to produce fake cards). If you lose the card or break it (a common occurrence) you have to cough up $3.50 which will soon double in price. You can charge up to 3 months of passes, but you can’t register the card unless it’s reduced fare so if you lose it it’s a lot of money gone. And finally it takes longer to scan the card on the bus than flashing your pass to the driver.

  7. Tami

    i thought november 15 was tomorrow, and since we have a bunch of work lately i just let myselfbe stupid and wait for last minute. does anyone know what happens if i cant get the priviledge? i have to pay the full tarif for the next whole year? what the hell is this?

    1. Fagstein Post author

      If you don’t get it by tomorrow, your former reduced-fare pass becomes invalid. You can get the new pass at any time (though during business hours after the fall rush) and it remains valid until Oct. 31, 2010.


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