Montreal Geography Trivia No. 59

From Google Maps

From Google Maps

According to Google, it would take an hour to drive this, and 10 hours to walk.

But what are these points?

UPDATE: sco100 gets it right below. These are the residences of the six candidates for Montreal’s mayor (as included in the notice to electors), in the order of their popular vote:

  • A: Gérald Tremblay
  • B: Louise Harel
  • C: Richard Bergeron
  • D: Louise O’Sullivan
  • E: Michel Bédard
  • F: Michel Prairie

14 thoughts on “Montreal Geography Trivia No. 59


    Maybe they’re pedestrian crosswalks without stop signs or traffic lights or some shiz?


  2. Jean Naimard

    A: Outremont High-School, @ Bernard & Dollard. Probably Fagstein’s Alma Mater…
    B: Some swanky lofts @ Pierre-de-Coubertin & Bennett. Probably where Fagstein got wasted on Chistmas Eve 2003.
    C: The future site of the french super-hospital, on Sanguinet @ Viger. Probably where Fagstein was asked for spare change after going to a job interview at nearby Vidéoétron.
    D: The Mies Van Der Rohe-designed appartments on St-Paul Island. Probably where Fagstein got a flat on his bicycle when he explored Nun’s Island with that intern girl from Nebraska.
    E: The back of the McDonald’s Tobacco plant on Dufresne @ Larivière. Probably where Fagstein got lost when he took a wrong turn looking for the Lave-Auto Érotique with a bunch of friends from Kalamazoo, Michigan.
    F: The cute slate-roof house on Marquette @ Bureau. Probably where Fagstein got his bicycle rear-wheel stolen after visiting some friends on the holy Plateau.
    Do I get it???

  3. sco100

    May seem far fetched, but could they indicate where each of the registed mayoral candidates live ?

    I don’t have a comprehensive list myself, mind you, but it sure seems a plausible hypothesis if you consider where the Big Three have pitched their tents (Outremont for Tremblay, Maisonneuve next to the Big O for Harel and Chinatown for Bergeron).


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