Battle of the MS Paint

According to La Presse, Radio-Canada is considering a French version of Battle of the Blades. That’s interesting news.


But I’m not sure about the picture they used to illustrate it.

I realize cutouts like this are used often in printed newspapers without an indication that the photo has been manipulated, but it’s clearly called for here, no?

I mean, some people notice these things.

UPDATE (Nov. 13): After being alerted to the error, Cyberpresse has fixed the image. Apparently an online editor took the cutout (used for a section front) and didn’t think to replace it with the original photo.

One thought on “Battle of the MS Paint

  1. jean.naimard

    So what? it’s been done with the “magic wand” tool, which has been designed precisely for this.

    And since Desmarais is obviously reluctant to pay some mouse artist for 2 hours in order to make a good job, this is what you end up with.

    WYSIWYG is still YGWYPF*.

    * You get what you pay for.


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