The Gazette’s casual dining critic Sarah Musgrave interviews Chris (Zeke) Hand (formerly of the Zeke’s Gallery craziness) and Ed Hawco (of Blork Blog) about their current project, the Montreal Burger Report, a radio show for CKUT, audio podcast and blog, all about reviewing local restaurants for their burgers.

The article, which was apparently written from the mythical “casual dining headquarters”, includes an absolutely adorable picture of Hand taken by Hawco.

You can subscribe to the Montreal Burger Report podcast here.

9 thoughts on “Burgermongers

  1. Alastair Yates

    Mr. Steer burgers are the best in the city!

    Dic Ann’s aren’t really burgers though, they’re more like sloppy joes!

  2. Maria Gatti

    Me too, Steve, with bison.

    I don’t buy it at marché Jean-Talon but nearby at Métro Bourdon (Jean-Talon et Chateaubriand). They always have small quantities of bison for a couple of burgers.

    I know you live farther north en el barrio – there is a butcher’s at the corner of St-Denis and Liège, I believe, that looks promising.

    And trimmings?

  3. Sid

    using the research protocol of eating hamburger, hot dog, and fries after every off-island bike ride I’ve ever done, I like the hamburger stand beside the bike path’s “train station” on the P’tit train du Nord in Prevost (north of St-jerome)


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