Yes, he was a sexual predator

Nicolas Stone, a man I interviewed in 2007 about his opposition (for the sake of his children’s safety) to an extension of Cavendish Blvd. into Cartierville, has pled guilty to 71 charges of sexual assault, illegal sexual contact and child pornography. He has admitted to using the Internet to lure girls from 12 to 15 into acts from taking naked pictures of themselves to having actual sex with him.

A date for sentencing will be set on Feb. 8.

I was welcomed into this man’s home, and he looked entirely normal to me. Just goes to show…

5 thoughts on “Yes, he was a sexual predator

  1. wkh

    That’s the thing. Most people think a predator is a sick creepy dude. But usually they are pretty regular people. They have emotions, feelings, many are productive citizens and refrain from kicking puppies. They just have a thing for sex with very young women (and yes I use that term on purpose).

    The thing I don’t get is why the 12/15 year olds go for this. Back when I was that age, a guy that age was an old man and rather intimidating! We had one friend among us who did the deed with a guy who was 34, and she was uh… gosh… shell shocked? Not in a bad way exactly, just um, she wasn’t quite ready for grown up sex compared to the sex she was having with the young men our age.

    I am glad my daughter thinks talking to someone you don’t know on the internet is “fucking weird” and no different than calling random people from the phone book.


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