A Mary Christmas

Speaking of people being fired before Christmas, hundreds of CBC employees and friends are rallying around Mary McGuire, a cafeteria employee at the Maison Radio-Canada, who was just told that her services won’t be needed by the catering service the CBC subcontracts to.

They’ve started up a Facebook group, whose members include Michel C. Auger and anglo CBCers Kristy Snell, Kristy Rich, and even some not named Kristy. They say after 36 years of serving them coffee, McGuire deserves to stick around.

UPDATE (Dec. 24):


A Christmas miracle! A day later, Mary has been un-fired.

2 thoughts on “A Mary Christmas

  1. Pas Mary Pas Cafe

    Thanks for sharing this story. We are still waiting to hear if this story will have a happy Christmas ending. Mary served me a coffee this morning. With her usual smile. One I hope I haven’t seen for the last time.


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