4 thoughts on “Heritage … historic … beautiful

    1. Paul

      True, but given that some of the sculptures for sale there were priced at north of $20k it’s perhaps not surprising.

      Depressing, too, the lady talking about the music festival stating that the MSO is the “musical symphony orchestra”. Given that the town subsidizes the festival to the tune of around $100k you’d think they’d know who the star attraction is.

  1. Anonymous

    Downtown Knowlton is a running sewage of bad city slicker taste. There is nothing original with knowlton anymore I am sorry to say. The food is more and more discusting and I think Macdonalds will eventually make it there. There a point and time when warm nights by the theatre and happy hours witha grilled duck club at the pub were amazing. I also remember the days of the boulangerie where the guy made his own croissant and amazing scones every morning. Now its just a relic of city slickers who try to find the je ne sais quoi bullshit atitude of the country, sorry, I’d rather be in North Hathley having some real food at Pilsen witha real farmers market in the morning. Knowlton is pretty mucha new suburb of Bromont, traffic included… The tannery is a great example of that faux history heritage that people like to borrow on in an excuse to serve the ultra wealthy that have no time for old country sustainability… what a joke and a true a parody of what was a great little town. I still cherish my hand made hand painted kitchen table I bargained from an old ebeniste who lived up the river.


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