Roberto, you are insane

An adorable little video from Roberto Rocha, who’s taking a one-year leave of absence from his job as The Gazette’s technology business reporter to go travelling around the world for no reason, starting in February. He went around telling everyone what he was doing and filmed their reactions.

While everyone is surprised and encouraging (except for the always dryly-sarcastic Basem Boshra), the star of the video is definitely business editor Bryan Demchinsky, who unwittingly plays the straight man, wondering aloud how this will affect his section and whether Rocha can be replaced while he’s gone.

The video is being passed around a bit on Twitter, and is featured on a website he’s setup about his upcoming adventure, which includes a description of what they have planned.

Thankfully Bryan is a good sport, otherwise I’d agree with Roberto that his job might not be there when he gets back…

10 thoughts on “Roberto, you are insane

  1. Linda

    Why weren’t you interviewed for this video, Fagstein? I hear that no one does anything at the gaz without your say so.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      I remember he was shooting video for it at the staff Christmas party last month, but I don’t recall if I was actually filmed when he told me. No video from that night was used, probably for good reason.

  2. Mama Fagstein

    Do you want his job? You could talk about tech stuff. I would have articles with your name on it, “my son the big shot”

  3. Roberto Rocha

    I didn’t interview Steve because he would have stolen the show from the other colleagues. I wanted to give them a fighting chance at being charismatic on video.

    As for that footage you shot at the Xmas party, Steve: It was too dark.


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