Le Réveil lockout ends with 80% losing jobs

Le Réveil, the other Quebecor paper whose workers were locked out early last year, has ended its labour conflict after its workers voted today to accept the employer’s final offer.

Quebecor put a final offer on the table on Thursday, adding that if the workers refused, the paper would be shut down at the end of the month. (Coverage from Radio-Canada, Rue FrontenacProjet J.) The final offer would result in the layoff of 20 of the paper’s 25 unionized employees, leaving only three journalists and two office workers. The rest would get severance of two weeks’ salary for every year of service, up to a maximum 42 weeks (14 of the 20 will max out, the rest will receive less).

The union voted 68% in favour of the offer.

UPDATE: After-the-fact coverage from Journal de Québec, Argent, Le Quotidien

A similar deal was reached last week at Le Plein Jour in Baie-Comeau.

4 thoughts on “Le Réveil lockout ends with 80% losing jobs

  1. Dan

    From the Radio-Canada link: “Il estime que 30 % des employés ne pourront donc toucher le maximum”. I’m no francophone, but doesn’t that mean that 6 will max out (not 14, as you mentioned?).
    – Dan

    1. Fagstein Post author

      From the union’s release: “six (30 %) des 20 travailleurs touchés par les mises à pied n’auront pas droit à ce maximum de semaines consenties.”

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