3 thoughts on “Le Réveil journalists refuse to go back to work

  1. sco100

    I keep reading that there are only five positions left, but there are in fact quite a few more. The “5 out of 25” thing only relates to the union that had been locked out (STER-CSN).

    The sales reps are still there along with a few non-unionised employees. All in all, there are still around 18 people working at Le Réveil. Well, 15 now, I guess, but they’ll eventually have to hire new journalists. Bottom line is the actual headcount is 18, not 5.

    I think Jean-François may be right in assessing that those three were not too keen on accepting the offer. For those whose jobs were saved, the severance package was only half what the others were getting in the event that they chose to turn down the job, which is of course still better than the big fat nothing we ordinary peole get when we resign.


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